Summer/ Fall 2018

Summer/ Fall 2018

Starting with a stand-in harmony stint at the Fool's Flotilla in June, I've joined a group of merry music makers as their lead singer, the previous one having plans to move to England for a year.
At the Flotilla we set up the band on a pontoon and floated down the Yahara River, regaling the neighbors and celebrating their treasured waterway with many classic rock tunes such as Take Me to the River and Proud Mary [Rolling on the River.]
The band did one more gig on the first day of summer for Madison Make Music under the name River Rats. Next we will celebrate our love for an old Athens GA band.
We have an R.E.M. cover show to play booked under the name aR.e wE. theM.?
at the Cargo Coffee on East Washington in Madison.

Confirmation for Saturday mornings at the Lakeside Coffee shop has come through. I'm no longer referring to it as Acoustic Coffee because I intend to work in more electric six string and lapsteel playing. When the weather turns cool you are invited to come get your weekend started with a hot drink, some fingerstyle solo guitar and songs.
As always, it doesn't hurt to call ahead to make sure I made it in for the 930am spot. These early mornings are not easy alongside the musician's night owl habits.

That's the short of it for now.
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Also, the seventeen year old finished HS in style and is making his way forward into the musical world.
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