Winter/ Spring 2016-17

Wow, a lot of time has passed since my last blog post. Let's try to account for lost time.
I'm no longer playing with the band Fauxtons but you can check out my last endeavor with them, playing bass and singing on the six song EP called  THE FAUXTONS  INCLUSIVE OR.

The Mugs continue to play their folk rock country blues blend of harmonica, guitar and mandolin driven songs. Tim Haub, Frankie Lee and I will be playing a show at Lakeside St. Coffee House on April 15. Come celebrate your big return or let the music salve the sting of a payment due. It's an early show 630-9pm. Suggest donation of $5 to pay the band.

Other Lakeside St. Coffee House news: I'm in the midst of my 5th season [ if I count rightly] of my Acoustic Coffee Morning Mood sessions on Saturdays from 930am to 11:30am. I play from my repertoire of solo guitar music, sing a little and talk not too much. Come study, socialize and, of course, enjoy your morning brew with a little acoustic guitar music.

Still more LSCH [ I'm there a lot ]; my regular Thursday night bar shirt there has been including an occasional Open Mic. There are talks with the owner about making it a more regular event. Current Thursday night events include a Paint Night most Thursdays. There is a Uke Night on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Stop in to say Hey Barkeep!


  1. Thanks Guitarist Songwriter. More thanks for THE FAUXTONS INCLUSIVE. I notice that"Mugs continue to play their folk rock country blues blend of harmonica, guitar and mandolin driven songs.. We most know about beginner guitar

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