Winter/ Spring 2015


First: This past fall I started playing in an eclectric acoustic electric trio with Frank Lee and Tim Haub. Frank is an accomplished blues harmonica player and Tim is THE reliable lead guitarist with many regular Madison Americana bands including Dollar Bill and the Bucks and the now retire Jim James and the Damn Shames. We take turns leading songs and trading vocals and harmonies. Frank's selections are rooted in blues styles, Tim's are a little more country, and mine are a mix of classic singer songwriter with originals. We have our first gig under our collective belt, having played for Tyrenena Brewing Company's 15th Anniversary Party under the name The Frankie Lee Trio. We'll be playing next under the new name Three Eclectic Mugs.

Second: The Fauxtons [Spring/ Summer/ Fall 2014 blog for details] are back in the Howling Hicks basement studio preparing to play the annual Benefit for McArdle Cancer Research Laboratory. January 23rd we'll play from 6-7pm at Gray's in Verona. The last couple of practices have been inspiring and there is talk of recording an album of Fauxton sonic wonders!

The last of BANDS BANDS AND MORE BANDS: An official HeadStock Music Studio-only group of rag tag players. This group is so loose they are letting me handle the drums and percussion division of their merry music making. We call ourselves The Groovenatorial Privilege. You aren't likely to see us play anywhere. Unless you one of the "fortunate" invites to the Higgs family barbeque this summer.

I'm back at the Lakeside Coffee House on most Sunday mornings from 9ish to 11:30ish for as long as the weather is chilly and people are inspired to spend their mornings indoors sipping something warm. I'll be playing solo fingerstyle guitar with just a few quiet songs added. Come enjoy an Acoustic Coffee morning while those winter winds blow.

All for Now! Now for All!


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  2. Since how many years you playing Guitar? have you ever launched your any music albums? If yes, can you please link me.

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