Spring/ Summer/ Fall 2014

The old web domain had to be retired. Please share the new one, THEmichaelgruber.com with friends and neighbors. There are a number of michael grubers out there, one a broadway actor and another a novelist of note, but only one web domain with a definite article in the name. [Yeah, I stole that line from Stephen Colbert.]
THEmichaelgruber.com - accept no substitutes.

 A new band side-project, The Fauxtons, started playing out in early winter this year and has continued to gig in exotic locations such as Ft. Atkinson and The Great Taste of Madison. Featuring  German Art Student Annelies Howell as lead singer/guitar, two Bing Bongers - Danny Hicks on lead guitar and Brian Bentley on drums, and THE michael gruber on bass and harmonious vocals. We don't have gigs to announce but we do have plans to do some recording in this winter. If you come see me play somewhere ask for a Fauxtons sticker. The secret passphrase is... " Fauxtons; sometimes a particle, sometimes a wave, always real."

One of my favorite music venues, Lakeside Coffee Room, caught some flack from silence loving neighbors this summer. They were issued a cease and desist from all amplified music on the premises until things get sorted out with the city. Manager Kate Burmeister is reported to have identified [evil ] wedding dj's as being the problem and has vowed to banish them from all future events at LSCH. Still awaiting word from the city on allowing amplified musicians to resume their much beloved performances.  YOU can visit the Lakeside to sign a petition in support or write the Alder directly and ask the issue be brought up for discussion at the Common Council. 

Returning to the Canadian Honker, in my home town Rochester, MN, this month and again in December.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to write comments, request songs, sing praises :)


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